Pathient partners with StockTwits to find better Real-Time Investing Ideas

Partnership expands Pathient’s vision to serve as the real-time business connector of the real-time social web

San Diego, CA - November 1, 2010

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Pathient, the real-time web search analytics leader, today announced a customer agreement with StockTwits, a social network about finding and sharing Real-Time Investing Ideas (, Time Magazine 50 Best Websites ). Pathient will integrate it’s patent pending real-time social media monitoring technology to aid discovery and provide analytics capabilities into the StockTwits real-time investing ideas platform to help users harness the power of the social web and dramatically improve the way users find other investors and better stock trading ideas.

The Pathient Platform provides Synaptic Search and Adaptive Analytics functionality that injects a social network with an intelligent layer to connect people, stocks, content and investing activities inside and outside the social site. A key component to this vision is the ability to drive real value from the "real-time web," beyond simply "listening" to online social interaction. 

Initially, Pathient will integrate basic search and advanced analytics into the StockTwits Platform, to speed search for ideas and investors and will begin to combine Connection Engine technology with the power of collaborative Social Apps to implement a unified social media engagement strategy.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.


Market Perspective

As Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and other powerful online sources have become a greater force of influence on consumer and business purchasing decisions, the global economy is moving to a "conversation based economy."

But today, most vendors have only focused on the role the social web plays in bringing people together and brand management. Even the most sophisticated use cases - where companies have used the social web to promote products and build the brand - fall short of truly engaging and driving the power of real-time conversation and collaboration technologies.

Because of their complexity and cost, analytics tools have been confined to a handful of power-users within an organization and require teams of consultants to generate advanced query support to deliver value.  Given the increasingly strategic role social web conversations are playing in social interaction, product development, customer service and support, a broader set of users want and need easy, cost-effective access to social intelligence that enables unlocking the existing value of implicit social content.


Supporting Quote

"It is time for Social Sites to start thinking differently about Social Content, to move from being reactive to actively engaging with existing information to provide people with the experiences they want to get more out of the Social Web," said Owen Lawlor, CEO at Pathient. "The real opportunity is integrating a socially-connected user base with easy to use Social Analytics Apps to provide users with extreme value that is locked up in their data in a way that serves them and makes their experience more valuable, important, and fulfilling. We see tremendous potential in the combination of social content and analytics to change the way companies and people leverage conversations on the social web to connect dots, uncover the desired path and deliver real value."


Pathient's Vision

Subsequently, Pathient will drill deeper to drive business value from the real-time web with unique applications to synthesize related user activities and market-facing activities for their social customers. New “Social Applications” will use computational social intelligence to enrich the user decision support and collaboration process, fundamentally changing the way social companies develop, monetize, and cultivate product innovation. Other user-facing applications will use enabling social intelligence technologies to engage customers with new discovery and navigation tools that enrich that customer experience, helping companies establish clear competitive differentiation and grow their user bases.

Pathient first signaled its belief in the power of harnessing real-time conversations and the implicit data they represent in August 2009 when it announced the Connection Engine, the first computationally engineered neural network solution to combine social media monitoring with the power of Social Intelligence Analytics. At that time, Pathient announced a pioneering100 page, 160 claim patent application to the United States Patent Office.


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About Pathient

Pathient takes advanced analytics, and applies Linguistic, Cognitive, and Computational Learning theory to make meaningful sense out of real-time, unstructured, and disparate big-data. Pathient combines decades of Natural Language and Cognitive Science expertise with an extreme-performance real-time analytic platform to solve intrinsic problems of meaning in the data of Social, Educational, Intelligence, and C2 systems.

Through its patent-pending computational “Connection Engine” and “Synaptic Search” technologies, Pathient uncovers hidden connections, patterns, and associations in the vast and exploding electronic social record, and combines the records of data silos into a common actionable abstraction.

Pathient doesn’t just give you the big picture; Pathient shows you how many pictures there are locked in the pixels.


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