Real-Time Distributed Social Technologies

Real-Time Social Search

Pathient offers Real-Time Multidimensional and Faceted Search of structured and unstructured data over multiple data objects such as profile, messaging, documents, events, and complex structures such as data hierarchies and data networks. Pathient's proprietary search technology is able to search millions of multidimensional records with sub-second performance. Pathient offers Search as a Service through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Real-Time Social Web Monitoring

Pathient offers a Real-Time Listening Platform for monitoring real-time social media publications for Brand Management, Trending Awareness, and Customized Recommendation.

Real-Time Social and Relevance Analytics

Pathient offers a wide range of computed metrics derived from Statistical and Natural Language analysis of real-time messaging, social choices, events, and social graph. Pathient uses its patent-pending “Connection Engine” technology to measure and assess real-time Relevance, Similarity, Convergence, Divergence, Influence, Choice Patterning, and Anomaly.

Real-Time Analytic Search

Pathient integrates Real-time Search and Analytics to provide “Analytic Search” which maximizes the findability of relevant items, and provides a meaningful process of discovery allowing for serendipitous target acquisition.

Real-Time Location and Proximity Search

Pathient provides real-time Analytic Search by location and proximity-to-location expressed either as lat-lon, milgrid, postcode, region, or route.

Real-Time Multidimensional Data Visualization

Pathient specializes in innovative animated real-time data visualizations that optimize meaningful interaction between people and data. Pathient's ability to drive “informationally dense” visual representations of complex and changing inter-relationships through on-line services is made possible by, and provides expression for, the extreme high-performance of its back-end technology.

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