Natural Language, Semantic, and Ontological Processing

High-Stakes Assessment

Pathient currently offers advanced Natural Language Processing services in combination with Machine Learning methodology and has partnered with Victory Productions in bringing High-Stakes Assessment solutions to major corporate and governmental clients. Pathient specializes in the evaluation and scoring of relevance in unstructured natural language exhibits including short compositions and transcripts of verbal dialog. Our technology will allow a cluster-based engine to analyze responses according to determined rubrics for certain response patterns to provide a basis for grading in a semi automatic fashion.

We are currently analyzing the market potential of this technology with some of the leading High-Stakes Assessment solutions vendors in the country.

Ontological Services

Pathient creates and uses hierarchical and networked “graphical” data structures throughout its technical suite for either prescriptive or community-sourced “tag”, taxonomy, categorization, social graph, fof, Bayesian net, and other graph-based processing. Pathient also employs proprietary distributed cloud and cluster-based neural technology to affect classification and equivalence-class determination.

Grammatical and Semantic Processing

Pathient applies modern Linguistic techniques to the analysis of real-time messaging for use in the computation of a variety of metrics. Pathient's proprietary Grammatical and Semantic methodology is based on over twenty years of research in the areas of Linguistics, Semantics, Cognitive Science, Computation Linguistics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Psychology, Optimization, and Connectionism.
Pathient brings modern Computational Linguistic and Semantic Theory to bear on the classical problems of Systems Integration through the Natural Language Interpretation of structured and unstructured data elements and Integrated Data Abstraction.

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