Pathient partners with Victory Productions

Partnership taps Pathient’s approach to intrinsic data Natural Language Processing to help bring education system automation into the 21st Century

Boston, MA – March 4th, 2011

Pathient today announced a business partnership with Victory Productions, an educational publishing technology company. Pathient will integrate it’s patent pending natural language real-time monitoring technology to catalyze automated assessment technology with a pioneering new engine that goes beyond the decades old industry approaches. The Pathient Natural Language Platform combined with Pathient’s Synaptic Analytics provides a ground up re-imagining and re-engineering of what is possible in high stakes automated assessment for open-ended questions and adaptive learning. Pathient will integrate Connection Engine technology into the Assessment Platform, to objectively metricize knowledge existing in natural language content. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Market Perspective

The education system in the United States is stuck in the Industrial era 20th century paradigm and has not fully leveraged technology to adapt to the new global economy, the demographically more heterogeneous student population and the increasingly competitive real-time information based paradigm. Existing natural language assessment requires massive numbers of full and part time graders who subjectively examine responses and compare them to predetermined rubrics. This grading methodology is slow, subjective and expensive. Increasingly, school systems and teachers whose budgets and even pay are increasingly being linked to student performance on these tests are increasingly “teaching to the tests”. Unfortunately, these tests are not measuring cognitive ability to solve diverse problems, but rather the ability to prepare for the test assessment systems. For example, much of the automation currently used by the industry uses keywords to approximate correct answers. This solution methodology is incomplete at best and deeply flawed at worst.

Supporting Quote

"For the first time in history, there now exists a massive opportunity for the education system to start thinking differently about assessment and to move from a subjective, homogenous approach to one that more fully and accurately measures knowledge and problem solving cognition and does so objectively" said Owen Lawlor, CEO at Pathient. "The real opportunity is in integrating a socially-conscious approach that recognizes the diversity of the student population as well as its technological capabilities. Word counting worked well for a homogenous student base but now, instead of looking for keywords, we can look beyond that to concepts and cognition and actually unlock the knowledge content that is embedded in natural language."

Pathient's Vision

Subsequently, Pathient will leverage its technology to drive change in the industry and automate the ability to adaptively integrate the new common core standards. New applications will use social intelligence to enrich the user decision support and education collaboration process, fundamentally changing the way states approach education. Other user-facing applications will use social intelligence to engage students and teachers with new discovery and navigation tools that enrich and create a more adaptive learning experience, helping students to compete in the new global information economy. Pathient first signaled its belief in the power of harnessing real-time content and the implicit data they represent in August 2009 when it announced the Connection Engine, the first computationally engineered neural network solution to combine social media monitoring with the power of Social Intelligence Analytics. At that time, Pathient announced a 100 page, 160 claim pioneering patent application to the United States Patent Office.

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About Pathient

Pathient takes advanced analytics, and applies Linguistic, Cognitive, and Computational Learning theory to make meaningful sense out of real-time, unstructured, and disparate big-data. Pathient combines decades of Natural Language and Cognitive Science expertise with an extreme-performance real-time analytic platform, to solve intrinsic problems of meaning in the data of Social, Educational, Intel, and C2 systems. Through its patent-pending “Connection Engine” and “Synaptic Search” technologies, Pathient uncovers hidden connections, patterns, and associations in the vast and exploding electronic social record, and combines the records of data silos into a common actionable abstraction. Pathient doesn’t just give you the big picture; Pathient shows you how many pictures there are locked in the pixels.

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